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 The Search for the Easy Button has been going on for Centuries. In past centuries we searched for the City of Gold, the Fountain of Youth and the Holy Grail.   With the advent of the Internet and Internet Marketing, the search for the Easy Button continues. There is a common belief that there is a site out there where you can do nothing and make a fortune. Rule number one is you need to know that some marketers are aware you are looking for the Holy Grail of sites and they create them, that is they tell you they have created a site where you can do nothing and make a fortune. I do not know of anyone online that has ever made a fortune by doing nothing. Here is what I am seeing. I see a lot of new sites popping up promising riches with little or no effort on your part. The truth is the owners and the first members do very well by having the rest of the members pass up the money. The problem is always the same – those on the bottom make no money and in fact lose what they put in since they have no one under them to pass them some money. Actually I have just described a ponzi or pyramid scheme. These work for the first members and the last members are out of luck and money. I was part of some of these years ago as both a top member and most of the time a bottom member. My advice, if you want to gamble – go ahead. If you do not want to gamble stay away. Just realize what you are getting into. Final word – I am doing exactly what I am teaching. My income has more than doubled with this exact system. I offer a Home Business Model for Success that will take some sweat and tears to make as much money as you want. And that my friends is the only easy button out there. All we ask is give us a chance… Go here